Xenairif Rufo Lockwood Edit

"A young mob as pretty as a Rose, lived with humans when she grows" -The Prophecy
The young girl of Fortelling finally gets a wiki! Mwehehe! Xenairif Rufo Lockwood aka Xena is a full Ender, so Humans don't usually take lightly to her, while Mobs disagree that she hangs out with humans so much. Her personality is someone kind and understanding, but she has flaws like everyone else, and her true friends understand her. People like Melody Adams (Mel) and Pipsqueak.

Appearance Edit

She actually looks more human when she puts her hair in a ponytail, her hair is long and striaght. It's usually black, but in the right light, it's revealed to be deep brown. I could not find a suiting image for my head-cannon.

Chibi Ender

Role Edit

Xena is actually foretold to alter the events of the War by the Society(Containing PIP), and said prophecy helped her get leverage to get the position of General Lockwood.

Trivia Edit

Xena's last name Lockwood actually comes from the Sonic Screwdriver of Doctor Who. These do-all tools' only weakness is wood, making locks from wood the only good defense. ha ha! =3