Mesume TwinsEdit

The Twins are Squid Hybrids, so nothing new. Meet Ika Mesume and Calvin Mesume! 

Ika MesumeEdit

Ika mesume is a Squiddie with the ability to move her hair at will! By hair, I of course mean Tenticles! These tenticles can stretch very far, with strong power, and also a delicate touch.

Ika Mesume

I've come to Inkvade the Surface -De Geso!


Ika has a short temper, which for her age she acts, is hilarious. She is also over confident, which isn't healthy for her plans to rule over everything on the surface. In turn, this is one of the reasons the Sky Army hates squids.

Her brother is very protective of her, but she rebels like an ignorant child. They love each other to Nether, though.


Ika has the power of tentacles, but being a squid hybrid, she can also breathe underwater (better than air!) And swim really fast. Although gross, she also spits out ink! It is actually a very high-quality ink, it writes amazing on paper.