"Well, since the first three letters of my name is Mel, that's my nickname that I use to call myself Meliah. Ya' getting where I'm going?"

Melody Adams is a human gamer girl from the 'Real World' in the story Portal Pursuit, so she knows everything there is to know about Minecraft and LockWorld. . . Except Mobs. She wrote fanfiction all the time, but didn't realize how important Mobs were.

Valkyrie form Edit


Since Mel's skin was an angel - made by her ex-best friend- so going throuh the Portal made her a Valkyrie . . . For some reason that Dr. Zhark Later revealed. This was the best thing to an appearance for now.

Human Form Edit

Normal Girl

Before she went through the Portal, she was human. . . . Duh. A normal, school-going, smart, fangirling human