"In the Abyss of the Void, a kingdom is about to fall, perhaps the new Ender princess can save it from the discord. She ain't girly or royal, yet shall lift up the fallen Queen from the damage of Humans, perhaps die trying. T for Teens cuz' minecraft-ified swearing." 

Heir of Sky's Rim is the tale of a Queen Endergragon picking an heir. Author Xena was very dissatisfied with this story due to bad pacing and a lack of comedy. Queen Nyla gets slain by Jens Dragonslayer, and returns to her original form, an Ender (with human-like form, "Bipedal thing" ). A loyal servant, Ernuk takes her to the Overworld to find some FarLanders (Enders raised in the Overworld) as FarLanders have a stronger Aura. She instantly meets Xoe, bla blah bla. . . Xoe is now Queen. =T


Book Cover by Missie93


Sky's Rim takes place before Tales of an Ender, and before Portal Pursuit.


In the first few and last few chapters, The story takes place in Sky's Rim, an End Island that Queen Nyla rules over. After she leaves, she goes to


The two main charecters, Nyla and Xoe, are the Ex-Queen and Queen of Sky's Rim. Xoe's brother is Ernuk, the boyfriend of Saturn. Saturn met Jens DragonSlayer/DragonBorn after falling out of a tree. Jens meets Dharak (or acidentally spelled Dalek). Other O/Cs Include James, David, and Rayne Johnson, but they accidentally bacame Cameos. This is a mistake Author Xena Strives not to repeat.


The name Sky's Rim comes from the video game Skyrim. Author Xena has never played a game like that, but took insperation from a list on Henry Townsend's profile. A cover-up explination is the lare endstone cliffs that reach the sky.

Author Xena hates this story.

I mean Hates. It's a suprise she dosen't delete it already. 

Half of the charecters in the story are O/Cs, Dharak, Xoe, Rayne, James, David, and then some. Even the name Nyla was suggested by Missy93.