In an attempt to protect her village, Avery Dixon stumbled across a potion book, describing a potion thet helps protect her from Mobs. The potion backfires, causing her to become an Ender (She started out calling them Enderman, but that wasn't the proper term) She met another Ender named Xavier and. . . .*To be continued later*

  • trivia*

I accidentally call Avery 'Xena' on many occasions in IRL conversation, mostly Missy. Avery's name was drawn from a name genorator, and I in love with the name.

A kind reviewer (s?) Explained that Avery seems like a guy, they have an IRL friend of the same name, and it does seem that way, thank you shout out to DarkWolf133!

Avery Dixon

Appearance Edit

She has long brown hair, and brown eyes.